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Queen's 90th Birthday


On Friday 10th June we celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday. Throughout the week we did various activities which included; painting and decorating our own memorable plate, making party hats, decorating flags and having our own Queen's dinner party.  

UK Military School


Every Wednesday afternoon year 5 and 6 work with Danny, Andy and Greg who are members of The UK Military School. They have been practicing the drill, doing activities based around team building, focusing on practical skills and enduring physical activities! The children are encouraged to behave well in school - report cards have been provided to support this. At the end of the course the children will be doing their own pass-out parade where they will show us the skills they have learnt. Parents and carers will be invited to attend this.

Morris Dancing


All the children and staff had lots of fun during Morris dancing. They also practiced some new dance moves.