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Homework Grids


You should receive your child’s new homework grid at the end of the first week of each half term from now on. This approach to homework is a new one for us at Fishwick. The children have a menu of homework options for the half term, from which they can choose (with some guidance and exceptions) which activities they would like to do and in what order. It is expected that all children will complete at least some of the tasks but it is not expected that they will do them all.  Other schools who use this system have seen that their children have found this much more motivating and enjoyable, which we hope will be same for us!  When your child has completed a piece of homework they can bring it to school to show it to their teacher and share with their classmates.


We also have our new homework club which is held after school on a Wednesday (3.15pm – 4.15pm).  Children and parents are welcome to come along to do their homework.  We have available laptops and iPads as well as the usual resources to enable the children to complete their homework.  We will also include a cup of coffee and some squash for those who would like it.