Saturn have enjoyed taking part in a cycling event at Christ the King.

All of the children took part in an afternoon of cycling activities at school. They were all fantastic and really got stuck in. Some of the children were able to ride one handed, clap their hands whilst riding, catch a ball and even duck under a limbo bar. For some children it was nice to see their confidence begin to grown on a bike.

After this, 10 children were chosen to head off to Christ the King and take part in further challenges. They were split into 2 groups. Each group took part in a relay race. They had to wear a helmet, gloves, t-shirt, snap band around their ankle and hold a ball in one hand. They were brilliant at this and really worked as a team to help each other. Whilst one team took part in the relay, the other team were busy having fun on miniature bikes and taking part in fun activities on different bikes.

We had a great afternoon!