Easter Photography Challenge

During the Easter period I would like to challenge you to develop your ‘flat lay’ photography skills.  What on Earth does than mean? I hear you cry. Well, Flat lay photography is a certain type of photo that is taken directly above what you are taking a photo of to give a ‘bird’s eye view’.  The photos included of a house and smiley face show you what I mean.

I want you to create Easter bunnies 🐰, Easter eggs 🥚 or rainbows 🌈.

Think about;

What will my background be?

What will I use to make my creation? Household objects, toys, food?

Do I need to crop my photo to make it even better?

Make sure the photo is taken directly above the art. Then either post it on our Facebook page in the competition feed or email it to me [email protected]

Good luck – Chocolate prizes for the best entries.

Have fun 😊