Earth Class

Latest News From Earth Class

We enjoed STEM week and did lots of dinosaur activities


We made our own salt dough fossils, made dinosaur traps and learned all about different types of dinosaurs. We wrote about our own dinosaurs.


Earth Class learned all about the King’s Coronation. We wrote cards to the new King to wish him luck, made our own crowns, reenacted the Coronation and had a fun Coronation lunch.



We have had a busy week back after half term. We learned all about Shrove Tuesday and made our own pancakes. We also had a cricket lesson from a visitor and really enjoyed it!

The children had been showing an interest in superheroes. We have read lots of superhero stories, designed our own superheroes and made our own superhero capes. We had lots of interesting ideas such as ‘Rainbow Girl’ and ‘Lava Boy.’

As well as lots of play and fun we have been working hard in maths. We have learned all about numbers to 5. We have learned about patterns, capacity and how numbers are made up of smaller numbers, e.g. 5 is the same as 2 and 3. We have also learned about one more and one less through number rhymes – our current favourite is –

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer | Songs You Need to sing in the Classroom | Twinkl – YouTube

Following the children’s interests, we explored pumpkins and made magical potions, it was messy but fun!

As part of Globetrotters week we learned about Australia. We found it on the map, compared it to England. We also tried some dot art and learned how to use a boomerang.  We also had a visitor to teach us a Haka dance.

We have started a brand new venture called, ‘drawing club.’ A story is chosen for the week and the teacher models drawing something from that story each session. Drawing club is all about, making conversation, mark making and mathematics. All our drawings are full of imagination with some sneaky maths in for good measure. For example I might draw a robot with 3 triangle eyes, and a magical code (using our phonics)  that makes it glow in the dark. It has been so amazing to see so many children drawing and writing with pure joy and imagination!

In true, ‘In the moment’ fashion, the children suggested making milkshakes, we designed and made our own healthy milkshakes, chopping our own fruit and learning to use the blender.

The children have been pretending to be doctors, we transformed our shed into a doctors surgery and it was a great success! It was so busy it was tricky to get an appointment!

We have got 2 new chickens, the children suggested lots of names and we did a vote. The winning names were Queen Elizabeth and Cookie. The chickens have settled in well and started to lay eggs!

Our first week of school has gone really well! We have settled into a routine quickly and made lots of new friends. We have explored all the different areas of class and mixed our own powder paint. We created some lovely self portraits.

Important Information


The children have free access to the outdoor area that has a variety of challenging equipment. We also have scooters and balance bikes. P.E lessons are in the hall or outside, please ensure your child has their P.E kit in school.


Please send your child with their reading book in their bag everyday. Children will read approximately 3 times a week with an adult. They will need their books available daily. Reception children will begin with a book which is intended to be read to them for a ‘share a story’ session until they have learned a few sounds.

When you listen to your child read or share a story together, please sign the reading record as 5 dojo points will be awarded for every day that they have read at home.


Children can receive Dojo points for a variety of reasons, when they reach 250 Dojo’s they will be allowed to wear their own clothes the next day. We will inform you via text.

Home/School Links

We always love to hear what your child has been doing at home. If they have won a certificate or medal from a club that they attend outside school or they have achieved something such as learning to ride a bike we would love to hear about it. If you have a photograph, please e-mail it to Mrs King.  We also love photographs of daily life, walks, baking, anything that we can chat about!