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What a lovely surprise! I received a letter today from one of our Y2 children. Thank you Ava you made my day 😊💕🌈💕 Mrs Conway

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PM Speech

Following the PM speech we will remain shut to all but key worker children for at least three more weeks. Please rest assured that any children returning to school after this time will do so in a safe phased manner in consultation with parents. The safety of our children and staff is our priority. I…

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Easter Photography Challenge

Easter Photography Challenge During the Easter period I would like to challenge you to develop your ‘flat lay’ photography skills.  What on Earth does than mean? I hear you cry. Well, Flat lay photography is a certain type of photo that is taken directly above what you are taking a photo of to give…

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School is officially closed for the Easter break and as such no work will be set for the children until 20th April. I hope you and all of your families stay safe and well. We look forward to remotely starting school again after the holidays and hope we will all be back at Fishwick soon. Mrs C

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Now that schools are closed, children across the country are placing rainbows in the windows of their houses to help keep others entertained during the coronavirus outbreak. Why don’t you create your own rainbow picture and place it in your window for others to see? Read this Newsround article for m…

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Sing Together

Last Thursday Saturn and Neptune Classes performed at King George’s Hall in Blackburn as part of Sing Together.  They were amazing and I was so proud of the hard work put in by the children and staff involved.  Well done everyone.  I know from the parents I have spoken to that the audience tho…

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