Visits to look around Nursery are more than welcome. We have an open door policy and you do not require an appointment to look around, simply visit the main office at school and we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have. We know leaving children at Nursery for the first time can feel a bit scary and we are always on hand to make sure you and your child feel comfortable. If you choose to join us we do follow an induction process to ensure the transition smooth and happy.
The first week of Nursery will be their induction. This is an important time when we start to get to know your child, their personalities and interests and their experiences of childcare so far. We will ask you to fill in a couple of forms to help us to get to know your child.

To ensure a smooth and happy transition we will have a settling period building up from half an hour to the full session. If your child is not ready for full sessions by this time we will devise a personalised timetable – however we have had great success so far with our induction process.
If your child has medical needs or dietary requirement, please inform the staff before they start Nursery.
We want children to have a positive first experience at our nursery and believe that this is best achieved through working in partnership.