We are proud of the links that we develop between Nursery and home. The partnerships between staff and parents, carers and family is crucial in supporting children’s learning. Informal discussions before and after sessions are invaluable and are a great way of communicating information about your child. We are lucky enough to have time at the start and end of sessions to have informal chats, which is a great opportunity to talk about your child’s learning, development or any concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have.

Please continue to fill in our ‘At home’ pages to add to your children’s learning journey. Any special achievements or simply your own observations all help to form our assessments of your child.

We are excited for you to soon have access to our electronic learning journeys and will update you soon on this!

Please ask at any time to see your child’s learning journey folder, we keep them in the cupboard for safety and data protection but they are yours to look at anytime in addition as the allocated times we invite you to view them.