Welcome to Sunshine Class. We cater for children aged 2 to 4.

We are passionate about learning through play. We follow an ‘in the moment’ approach to planning. This involves staff skilfully observing and interacting with children and spotting ‘teachable moments’ to help children to learn in a meaningful and authentic manner. The children lead the learning and this takes us on many different adventures, every day is different! We enhance and adapt our environment daily to create curiosity and wonder as well as catering to the children’s current interests.

“Children are born with a natural desire to explore and learn and practitioners can support them in this.  We do this by creating an enabling environment (both physical and emotional) and through the relationships and interactions that the children experience.  We do not plan ahead, rather we remain “in the moment” with the children as they explore and learn.  We observe carefully, and enhance the learning whenever we spot a “teachable moment”.   Anna Ephgrave

Latest News from Sunshine!

We enjoyed a visit from the Life Education Bus and learned about keeping healthy and the importance of good hygiene. The children loved brushing Harold the giraffes teeth and washing his face!

The children have been showing a big interest in making models, we facilitated this by bringing lots of recyclable materials in from home. The children have made robots, shakers and trains! It was tricky to learn to use the tape dispenser but we kept trying!

We are happy to be back after the break and the children enjoyed setting up a hairdressers after the children showed an interest in this after lots of children came back with very smart haircuts after the half term!

We have all been feeling very festive this week. The children were fascinated by the snow and ice and this brought up lots of discussion about how ice is made. We left some water out overnight to test if it would freeze. The children have enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree and we discussed special traditions that happen at home during different special occasions.

The rain, leaves and the mud have made the perfect ingredients for making mud pies. We have had lots of fun and made lots of mess!

Some of the children were playing with the dinosaurs and pretending they got stuck on an island. The children decided to make their own dinosaur island and mixed paint, flour and water to make a swamp, they were fascinated to see the different colours they could create from red, blue and yellow. They wanted the swamp to be sticky so added flour. We used lots of words to describe the sticky swamp! The children lead their own play at Fishwick Nursery and everyday is different, usually very messy and always very fun!


Welcome back after the half term! We have been very busy already. The children have been showing an interest in playing shop so we have enhanced and extended this play by making a shop in our role play area. There has also been a lot of interest in construction. The children have been spending prolonged periods of time making impressive structures, lots of thought and concentration has been needed as the children test which shapes will balance.

The children showed an interest in pretending to make pizza in the playdough then ‘sell’ what they had made. We enhanced this play by making a pizza shop. Then we decided to make real pizzas, we named and tasted lots of different vegetables both raw and cooked. Peppers and cherry tomatoes were a favourite, mushrooms were not!

We have settled in really well to Nursery and had a lovely couple of weeks. The children have shown an interest in vets and medicine so we made a vets in the classroom. The children have spent a long time making all the animals better.

We have been accessing our independent snack area and tasting a range of fruit, we pour our own drinks and cut our own fruit.